Kermis in Holland


KERMIS….A carnival celebration in the village of Roosendaal.

Yes, we went off the beaten path for my birthday.

Roosendaal – in the Netherlands – has this cute, old-fashioned carnival every year.  It reminded me of the carnivals of my youth.  Candy, rides, the fun houses…bright lights, echoing screams, cotton candy smeared faces…it was exactly the perfect thing to close out a summer.


Roosendaal is a small town with a population of about 75,000.  It speaks of family and tradition.  Walk through the town with a lifelong resident and you won’t take more than a few steps without them running into a family member or friend.

Outdoor seating in the summer is packed with people drinking to the occasion or just enjoying the weather.  When you think of the weather there, it’s comparable to London or Washington – rain, rain , rain!  So, if there is a bit of sun to be seen, the town blossoms to it in an effort to relish the good days.

We were blessed with beautiful weather – spending most of our weekend outside.  We spent our days walking through town, wandering through market and browsing the shops.


This carnival is packed with people of all ages.  Resurrected each year during the first week of September -right in the middle of town – where the old market used to open up every Monday.   There is something for everyone!  Rides, games and those yummy treats that can only be found at a carnival.  As my husband stocked up on all his childhood favorites, I watched kids carefully choose what they wanted and parents pick up something extra, just because they associated it with their childhood.


Katniss Everdeen?  No – just another young person out for a night of fun, testing her skills.

Holidays are touchy me for me now – the memories of years gone by consume me and often make it impossible to find my way into the present.  But, this was my first effort to step out on my birthday and make some new memories.  It was nice to spend the day with my husband’s family and to spend the evenings in town with my nieces.

The road traveled through grief is not an easy one – it is littered with detours and potholes.  I maneuver through – sometimes, quickly – sometimes if fits of starts – but, I have made it so far – and will continue to work toward my future.  As I travel through grief, I am taking my time to see as much of the world as I can….and, am so thankful for the opportunity!





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