Thanksgiving thoughts…

Thankful this Thanksgiving? Me? Not so much.

Oh, I guess I’m thankful for the lessons – but, not the pain that comes along with those lessons.

It’s hard – these lessons – I’ve spent my life rolling with the punches life has thrown. I’m tired. I don’t always want to fight. Sometimes, I just want to lay down and let someone else fight for me.

When someone dies, people gather round – they say all the right words – and, though it doesn’t fill the hole, it helps you believe that you’ll live through the grief.

But, as time goes on, people have their own lives – their own children – to go back to. You are left to fight on your own.

You can do it, though. Grief is a persistent bitch – she is strong – she knows your weak spots – but, even if it doesn’t feel like it, you are stronger – so far, you have survived every day of this journey – so your record is strong – so even if you don’t like the holiday season, you can make it through! This is my 7th holiday season without Tash & I still don’t like it, but, I can promise you that I will make it through!

Meet me at the finish line!

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