Making it through the holidays…

This is the list I use every year to get me through the holidays. I’ve added to it – subtracted a couple of things – but, ultimately this is the list I refer back to when I’m having a bad days during the holidays. I use it to refocus myself – pull myself out of a hole –

I thought I would share it this year – maybe there is at least one person out there that might find it helpful.


– No should haves/ought tos

– Make a list – only keep what you like

– Turn on lights – make sure there will be one on when you get home

– change things

– volunteer – hospice, nursing home

– share your holidays

– be nice to you

– look through pics

– decorate something

– hang the stockings

– take 20 minutes to yourself EVERYDAY

– buy a gift Tash would like for someone

– deal with the empty chair

– light a candle

– make little notes of the gifts (love, laughter, joy, etc. menories) you got from your child / put them in a box – make it a blessing box/ reminds you of life not just death

– to remember our child, leave pics out, photo albums, invite others to share a memory,

– in cards, ask people to share a memory of Tash

May love be what you remember most

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