It never gets easier….

Six years ago today, I saw my daughter’s face for the last time…I held her hand for the last time…compared out pinkies…counted her freckles…ran my fingers along the scars…it’s impossible to believe that you are seeing your child for the last time…

When I got up that morning, I posted on Facebook…

I still don’t know if I “got it right,” but, I did my best in an impossible situation. How do you get it right when you are planning a funeral for your daughter…I did then what I continue to do today…I took it one moment at a time, putting one foot in front of the other. I refused meds so I could be “present” every minute of one of the most painful days of my life. I was so scared I would forget something.

The day passed…I survived. Sis years have passed….and, somehow, I’m still surviving.

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